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What is General Growth Properties (GGP) - Ultimate Guide 2023

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Are you a real estate or finance professional looking to understand better the mechanics of General Growth Properties (GGP)? With so many moving parts in the GGP equation, staying up-to-date on its components can be challenging.

This ultimate guide will help provide insight into what exactly GGP is and how it applies to current trends in real estate markets. From learning about key players such as Brookfield Property REITs and Host Hotels & Resorts that participate in joint venture deals with them to exploring historical milestones.

Such as their emergence from Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization, this comprehensive guide's intent is for readers to understand better one leader among today's premier property management companies.


What are General Growth Properties (GGP)?

General Growth Properties (GGP) is a publicly traded real estate investment trust (REIT) leading the field in retail property acquisition, development, and management. Founded in 1954, GGP has grown to become one of the premier companies in its sector, with an extensive portfolio of more than 125 million square feet of shopping, office, and entertainment properties across all 50 states.

GGP also operates as a partner in leasing and other transactions for its holding companies, as well as providing equity investments for certain transactions for external investors. The company has had a long track record of working with high-profile retailers and developers to bring growth opportunities to many communities across the country. GGP often provides financing solutions for new construction projects or redevelopments where needed. 

The company's focus on creating ideal shopping experiences means they pay close attention to consumer needs and preferences, ensuring their properties have unique features that cater to each customer's lifestyle. They are equally dedicated to providing quality service – some locations even offer special amenities such as concierge services and valet parking. GGP works hard to ensure that its malls always offer something different and enjoyable for shoppers.


How to invest in property with General Growth Properties - including the mall and real estate properties?

GGP is a publicly traded Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The company owns, operates, develops, and redevelops properties across 44 states in the US, including shopping malls, lifestyle centers, community centers, and office buildings. GGP also manages residential properties such as apartments and condominiums. 

As a REIT, GGP collects rent on its properties rather than through profits from sales or services. By investing in GGP's shares, investors can benefit from its real estate portfolio while avoiding some of the risks associated with direct ownership of actual property. In addition to owning malls and other commerical properties throughout America, GGP also owns thousands of acres of undeveloped land, which it plans to develop into future projects. 

GGP was founded in 1954 as a small regional mall developer in Illinois by Martin Bucksbaum; his son Robert Bucksbaum currently serves as Chairman and CEO. Today, GGP is one of the world's largest publicly traded real estate companies, with a market cap of over USD 17 billion. It employs more than 32,000 people and operates over 400 properties throughout the US. 

To invest in GGP, investors can purchase shares directly through their broker or on any major stock exchange where it trades under the symbol "GGP." As an investor, you will be able to benefit from regular dividend payments paid out quarterly plus any capital gains should you choose to exit your position at some point in time.

Before investing, it is important to research how real estate investments work and review General Growth Properties Inc.'s company profile so you are well-informed about their business and history before making investment decisions.


What are the next steps in 2023 for property investors with General Growth Properties?

2023 is an exciting year for property investors with General Growth Properties, a mall properties company that recently acquired multiple shopping centers throughout the United States. These investors are looking to make their mark in the market and need to be aware of what next steps they should take. 

One of these investors' first steps in 2023 is to familiarize themselves with GGP's portfolio, which includes many properties in cities such as Las Vegas, Chicago, and Houston.

This will help them determine where they should focus their attention and investments. Additionally, they should research each location to understand how local trends may affect their decision-making when investing in GGP properties.


How is GGP Innovating the Real Estate Industry and Transforming Malls?

The real estate industry is undergoing a major transformation thanks to the innovation of General Growth Properties (GGP). This company stands out as one of the leading names in the game, credited with transforming over 250 malls across North America - an impressive feat for any property developer. 

The fact that GGP has achieved such success despite being $25 billion in debt makes it even more admirable. Now, GGP isn't just breathing new life into these malls; they're also bringing together more than 1.2 million customers and community members daily by creating innovative experiences tailored to meet various needs and interests.

The company is helping redefine what it means for shoppers to "shop local" by introducing new technologies such as virtual shopping platforms and interactive experiences that can be enjoyed from home or onsite.


Exploring the Benefits of General Growth Properties' Management of Retail Properties

General Growth Properties is a leading commercial real estate company in the United States that manages retail properties. With a portfolio encompassing over 200 million square feet of property, encompassing both malls and stand-alone shopping centers. 

General Growth Properties strongly emphasizes bringing unique, innovative experiences to its tenants and customers. As a result, their management style has proven to be highly beneficial for retail properties across the country.

First and foremost, General Growth Properties emphasizes maximizing tenant engagement. Through thoughtful promotion, strategic merchandising displays, and effective customer service initiatives, General Growth aims to create an atmosphere that encourages shoppers to spend more time in the mall or center.

This strategy has resulted in higher sales numbers across retail locations managed by GGP due to increased foot traffic and consumer interest. Additionally, GGP's team of experienced marketing professionals is adept at helping tenants develop effective campaigns through local and national media outlets to ensure maximum exposure for their brand and products. 

Apart from tenant engagement initiatives, GGP also focuses on providing superior physical space for retailers with remodeling plans tailored for each location. These plans can include anything from modernizing outdated fixtures to improving store layouts for better traffic flow patterns.

By focusing on these details and broader elements such as landscaping design or air conditioning systems maintenance, GGP ensures optimal comfort in its retail spaces, encouraging repeat customer visits. Furthermore, by keeping up with changing trends while also focusing on traditional elements such as security protocols, GGP strives to stay ahead of current industry standards regarding managing retail spaces.

Lastly, General Growth Properties utilizes advanced analytics techniques such as the MyMall360™ software suite to gain insights into customer behavior and preferences. This enables them to make informed decisions around marketing campaigns or layout changes accordingly.

This technology provides mall operators with detailed data about visitor demographics, traffic patterns, revenue performance metrics, and more, allowing them to understand better what is most appealing to their customers so they can adjust their approach accordingly. In this way, GGP can maximize the return on investment for its clients by adjusting strategies based on quantifiable evidence rather than relying solely on intuition. 



In conclusion, General Growth Properties (GGP) is a leading global publicly-traded Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). As of March 31, 2021, GGP owned 125 shopping centers in the United States and Brazil with approximately 26.5 million square feet of leasable space. Check out our ultimate guide if you're looking for more information on this company.

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