How To Become a Real Estate Developer With No Money - Full Guide 2022

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You do need some money to become a real estate developer, but you don’t have to
have the capital yourself. Many real estate developers fund projects with a bank loan or
investor. If you have never received funding for real estate projects before, you’ll have
to create a feasible business plan to present to lenders or investors.
Property development is without a doubt one of the most lucrative businesses in real
estate. In this highly competitive industry, the higher the risk you’re willing to take, the
better the reward. Property development largely involves developing properties for
sale, lease, or rent. Unfortunately, you might be less motivated to become a real estate
developer because some people say you’ll need lots of money to succeed. The good
news is you can become one without spending your money. How do you become a real
estate developer? Here is what you should do.
What Is A Real Estate Developer?
A property developer or a real estate developer is a person or entity that’s responsible
for the management, financing, building, and marketing of any property development
project. A real estate developer can buy a property or partner with the owners to
rebuild, often with the assistance of property development companies. 
The developer will manage the construction of a new building, even though he/she isn’t
a general contractor. Basically, real estate development doesn’t require any training or
authorization, but some property developers receive formal training as general
contractors, real estate agents, and real estate brokers. All these need state-mandated
What Does A Real Estate Developer Do?
A real estate developer looks out for new real estate deals or projects, purchases land,
or even an existing property, supervises the construction and eventual management of
the completed space. Also, a real estate developer finds investors to fund the
development projects.
For a new structure, a developer will purchase a piece of land and get the required
funding and public approval (such as building codes and zoning laws) to start building.
The real estate developer also oversees the design and eventual construction of all units
before they are rented out. A developer might also sell off the property for a profit.
You can become a successful real estate developer through different channels. Here are
some of the things you should do to become a property developer without spending
your money.
Real Estate Developer Salary
The salary of a property developer varies depending on the area of focus and level of
experience. Other essential factors include the niche in which the real estate developer

works; some markets are more valuable than others. Many real estate developers are
paid a commission, which means getting paid on every deal they close.
Common real estate developer salary in the United States ranges between $55,000 and
$170,000 per year.
Real Estate Developer’s Requirements
To become a developer in real estate, you have to meet certain requirements regarding
licensure, education, and experience. A real estate developer should hold a degree from
a recognized institution in a related field such as business, management, or engineering.
Most property developers also have real estate licenses from the state where they
work. Additional requirements like certifications might vary depending on the nature of
the real estate job you want. 
Real Estate Investments
All investments and businesses, including real estate investments, usually come with
inherent risks that might involve legal ramifications, financial losses, or depreciation of
assets. So, to become a real estate developer, it’s always important to make sure you
understand and are well prepared for any eventuality. 
Real Estate Developer Certification
If you’re looking to become a real estate developer, you might be wondering whether
there is a certification process. The answer is yes, there’s a certification process, but
isn’t mandatory. The certification is provided through the National Development
Council. The certification process is designed to prove that you have the skills and
knowledge necessary to succeed.
To become a real estate developer, you might have to get the certification. The
certification requirements vary from one state to another. So, make sure you check with
the local authority. Basically, you need a certificate, pass the exam, and a few years'
experience in the industry. Having the right certification will make it easier for you to
stand out from your competitors and may give you an advantage with regard to getting
promoted or even hired.
Online Real Estate Schools
Schools of real estate offer different courses for both new and experienced real estate
brokers and agents in different states across the United States. These schools offer
convenient real estate courses that you can take from the comfort of your home. Real
estate schools offer continuing education courses; post-licensing classes and pre-
licensure classes.
The best real estate schools offer courses in tried and tested teaching styles and formats
with knowledgeable and highly qualified instructors. Students can access coursework
anytime and the website is very easy to use. Furthermore, the best online real estate
school will offer you all the resources you need to succeed in this industry.
Can You Take A Real Estate Course Online?

To become a real estate agent, you need pre-licensing hours to get a real estate license;
all these can be obtained from an online school. Depending on the state where you live,
you will be required to complete a pre-license course. This means you’ll have to meet
the required number of hours from a real estate school that’s approved in your state.
For instance, real estate brokers and agents in California must complete the pre-
licensing course that’s at least 135 hours.
Can Commercial Real Estate Agent Become a Real Estate Developer?
To become a real estate developer you require several years of experience in the
industry, but the result can be very financially and professionally rewarding. If you’re a
real estate agent looking to become a real estate developer, having experience in real
estate is the most important thing. However, there is no rulebook on who can become a
developer and there’s no single route to becoming successful in real estate. Therefore,
even if you’re a real estate agent who doesn’t have any background in the industry, that
shouldn’t stop you.
Become A Real Estate Developer With No Experience
Unlike other professions, you don’t need any experience to become a real estate
developer. Nevertheless, there are some important things you should know before you
get started. For starters, it’s essential to understand a few things in real estate
development like construction, planning, financing, and acquisition.
Moreover, it’s important to know the regulatory and legal environment where
development takes place. It’s also important to know how to manage projects
How Do You Become A Real Estate Developer With No Money
Becoming a property developer requires some experience in the real estate industry.
Here are the top tips on how to become developer in real estate. 
Get The Funding
As we all know, you can't run a business without funding. So, how do you become a real
estate developer without money? Is it really possible? Yes, of course, you will not spend
your money, but you’ll need to get enough funding from other sources. Where do you
get the money? If you make the right networks and connections, you’ll most likely find
someone or a company willing to fund your new business. This means you need to find
investors. You can try to approach supportive friends or family. Obviously, for people or
a company to trust you with money, you need to convince them how they will benefit
from you becoming developer real estate. This means you’ll need a well-crafted
business plan to fully convince them. Other ways you can get funding is by organizing
events and fundraisers, releasing equities, and availing of secured loans.
Start Small
The first projects and deals you’ll be handling are by default the most important ones.
Since you’re just getting started, we recommend that you accept small projects.
Although it might be tempting to take high risks with hopes of high rewards, as a

beginner, you’ll immensely benefit from starting with low-risk projects. Sure, you will
not gain millions of dollars from the small deals. But you won't lose millions by doing so.
As you gain confidence and become more experienced, then you might accept bigger
projects. No matter how small or big a project or contract is, always ensure you set
aside enough time in research and valuation.
Become An Assistant Property Developer
If you are still not ready to become a real estate developer, it's important to consider
becoming an assistant. It won’t just help you learn important things about real estate
development, but it also provides you with valuable experience. It also gives you a
chance to develop the necessary skills for the fast-evolving sector. Of course, you’ll still
need to have a better understanding of property development if you wish to find well-
paying real estate jobs. 
Be knowledgeable
Since you want to become a real estate developer without spending money, you need
to gain a proper understanding of the property development industry. Because property
development is a general term, you need to do your research and analyze all aspects of
it. We can't promise this will be easy, but there are many publications, books, and
articles that you can use. Of course, it might still be challenging, depending on the time
and effort you put in. But for you to succeed as a real estate developer, you must find
the right mindset and motivation. If you only choose to become a real estate developer
on an impulse, you’ll most likely fail from the word go. 
Continue learning new things about real estate development and if possible get some
worthwhile experience.
Proper Planning
After you’ve gained enough knowledge about the property development industry, the
next thing you should do is create a viable plan. Without a feasible plan, you will not get
far with any profession or business. To get started, consider your experience, skills, and
talent. What services will you be offering people? Which customers are you targeting?
It's crucial that you have a clear roadmap for your new venture, whether or not you’ll be
working alone or with others. What do you hope to achieve? What are your short-term
and long-term goals? Also, you need to make solid connections and establish real
networks with other property developers. For example, if your plan is landscaping and
developing outdoor spaces, making connections with the plastic decking business
owners will help. Finally, you need to create some backup plans whenever you
encounter challenges. Always be prepared for the worst, especially since you’re just
getting started.

Final Thoughts
To become a real estate developer with no money or college degree is possible.
Nonetheless, it needs lots of dedication and hard work. You can start by researching the
real estate industry to learn everything important. Next, start to work with other

successful real estate developers and try to get involved in everything you can. With
perseverance, you can achieve your ultimate goal of becoming a real estate developer.

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