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5 Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know About Urban Real Estate Center

Written By Urban Real Estate Center
Last Updated: Apr 20, 2022 •

Urban Real Estate Center has become a globally accessible solution for real estate education. Between 2020 and 2021, home buying increased by 10%, and interest rates were at it’s lowest in 2021. As you can tell, real estate is always changing, and the best way to stay ahead of these trends is through real estate education. 

While you might know the name Urban Real Estate Center, you're probably wondering who we are, what we do, and why we’re a top choice for real estate professionals. This article will have the answers to all your questions. 


Who is Behind The Urban Real Estate Center?

 At Urban Real Estate Center, we have a small but dedicated team of industry experts committed to real estate education. Our team ranges in experience and specializations, creating a balance in how we develop our courses and communicate with our members. 

Here is the team behind Urban Real Estate Center and what we specialize in:

1. Joe Berko

Position: Co-Founder and Content Director

2. Michael Assaf

Position: Co-founder and CEO

3. Yos Jacobs

 Position: Chief Operations Officer

.We have many more team members you can read about in our About Us section


Why We Do What We Do?

A common understanding among our team at Urban Real Estate Center is that you will never know everything about real estate. This goes unsaid for experts in this industry with decades behind their names. So, we’ve made it our goal to consistently provide real estate professionals with relevant, valuable, and practical learning to stay ahead of the real estate game.

We’ve positioned ourselves as an authoritative figure in the real estate industry, as we want to see professionals in this space excel. Many of our team members would have preferred a solution like Urban Real Estate Center when they started their careers. Because as much as you can earn a four-year degree for your specialization, you should always have the option to learn more. 



5 Facts About Urban Real Estate Center and Our Value

1. Our Classes are Led by 16 Real Estate Experts

To ensure we deliver quality education, powered by expert advice, experience, and opinions, we’ve worked with 16 real estate professionals to develop our courses. These professionals approach common concerns, real estate development trends, and the best techniques for real estate development, investment, and architecture. 

Here is a short overview of the top 3 real estate experts Urban Real Estate Center works with. 

1. Sam Zell
Sam Zell is a very wealthy businessman and philanthropist. Before breaking into investments, Sam Zell was a lawyer and now is the chairman and founder of  Equity Group Investments. This company is a private investment firm, proving Sam Zell’s vast knowledge of strategic and profitable investment strategies. 

2. Ethan Penner
When it comes to finding investment and development opportunities that nobody else sees, Ethan Penner is who you’re talking about. This expert's main specializations include real estate and finance, and he is also the managing partner and founder of Mosaic. 

3. Shanna Gatannis
Shanna Gatannis is a world-renowned interior designer who combines functionality with unique aesthetics. Her locations of focus include Orlando, Miami, Seattle, and New York City. Shanna is currently the founder of DesignStudio15, where she developers interior design solutions for commercial and residential properties. 


2. We are one of The Top Real Estate Educators in the US

There are tonnes of real estate education providers in the US, but none like Urban Real Estate Center. While we provide advice for experienced real estate professionals, we also cater our courses to real estate beginners who want to progress their careers. We include video lectures to give our audience a personalized learning experience to gain the knowledge they need.

Here are the masterclasses we offer at Urban Real Estate Center

1. Real Estate Investment & Development Course
Length: 20 classes (33 hours)

Delivery: Live Online

Our Real Estate Investment & Development Course breaks down topics like financing options for development, construction management, risk management, and finding real estate opportunities. You’ll also learn about marketing for high-class customers and participate in a live chat with Ethan Penner. 

2. Multifamily Development & Investment Master Class
Length: 20 classes (33 hours)

Delivery: Live Online

If you want to learn about the market selection and deal identification for multifamily development, this is the course for you. Our Multifamily Development & Investment Master Class also dives into investment strategies, capital stacks, property management, and the elements of innovative property design. 

3. Real Estate Finance (Coming Soon)
Length: 20 classes (33 hours)

Delivery: Live Online

Once we’ve published this course, the details will be available. 


3. We've Educated Some of The Top Real Estate Companies

Numerous corporate companies look to Urban Real Estate Center to train their employees in the real estate space. We provide these companies with the knowledge, tools, and real estate training they need for architecture, interior design, investments, and property development. 

Companies must keep their professionals updated on real estate trends and approaches. We ensure our course content covers relevant topics in real estate and provides practical training. At Urban Real Estate Center, we believe there is always more to learn, whether your company has been around for 1 year or 10.


4. Our Courses Have a Proven Success Record

We don’t develop courses for the sake of developing them. It’s essential to know that all our members gain value from what we offer, and in some way or the other, positively impact their careers. Fortunately, many of our members have left positive reviews on our masterclasses, proving their credibility.

As we’ve mentioned, Urban Real Estate Center has grouped various industry experts for our masterclasses. These experts have endorsed the quality of our masterclasses and how experienced real estate professionals can use what we teach to expand their knowledge.


Here are some testimonials from our members:

5. We Put Our Clients at The Heart of Our Learning Material

The key objective of our Masterclasses is for our members to gain actionable takeaways. Because of this, our real estate courses are learner-centric, touching on common pain points and challenges professionals face. 

To kickstart your course, everyone will spend a few minutes introducing themselves and why they’re attending the Masterclass. We believe this shows the group that everyone of all experience levels wants to tap into new real estate sectors and practices. And, of course, we love getting to know the people we help. 

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