Jeff Sutton

Owner of Wharton Properties

61. JEFF SUTTON The 62-year-old billionaire businessman and philanthropist were born in the year 1960, in Brooklyn to a Syrian Jewish family. He completed his education at the University of Pennsylvania and wanted to opt for real estate in New York. In the initial days, he did not have the support of capital and was unable to compete with the already established real estate business families. And to support himself and make a way in the real estate business, and started as a real estate broker, where he would find the potential tenant and understand where they wanted to rent and take properties on lease and the further lease them to new tenants to earn money and start the business. The now turned billionaire has still leasing out stores to the luxury brand and earning money. Even after becoming the epitome of self-made success and developing and creating an empire at the Wharton Properties, he still resides in his birthplace within the closely tied neighborhood.

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