Jeff Berman

Co-Founder at Magnet Companies

Jeff Berman is an activist, entrepreneur, and advocate and was also a former lawyer of civil rights and senate staff. The Los Angeles based co-founder of Magnet Companies went on to pursue his studies in Bachelor of Arts from the Connecticut College and later went on to his Law degree from the Yale University. Jeff has been the executive vice president of Myspace, also the general manager of National Football League Digital Media, Board member of the United to Protect Democracy a nonprofit organization to defend the ruling of laws. He was also and is currently an advisor at Caffeine to name a few of his hard-earned achievements and experience. He co-founded the Magnetic Companies, with two of his acquaintance, in the year 2018. It is a private equity holding firm which helped in building and acquiring the direct to consumer companies to increase their reach and engagement. His past leadership roles made him a role model, for many people and led him to come this far.

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