Jed Walentas

Principal at Two Trees Management

Born to an established and well-known father David Walentas was born with business ideologies blood. Jed Walentas joined Two Tree management in 1997 after completing his studies at the University of Pennsylvania in economics. He was a sports writer and editor for the school paper before graduating. Worked in the Trump organization for a year and compensated for the lack of knowledge with hard work and curiosity and learning. He managed to learn the mysteries behind mechanical and architectural drawing. Later he went on to design and developed the Dumbo area under the Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn into a high end residential posh area. He also worked for the Wythe Hotel and Mercedes House luxury apartments. Not only had that he played a vital role in turning the sugar refinery into an apartment with 2200 flats. Later in 2011, Jed Walentas took over the entire organization and started managing the $2 Billion worth of organization entirely by himself.

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