Gary LaBarbera

President of the Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New York

Gary LaBarbera is an American labour leader. He has served as the “President of the Building and Construction Trade Council of Greater New York”since 2009. He was designated as “The President of New York State Building and Construction Trades Council” In 2021. Gary was chosen to the “Board of the Port Authority of New York” and “New Jersey by Governor Andrew Cuomo”. Gary began his occupation as a “Forklift Operator with Teamsters Local 282 on Long Island”. He graduated from the “Labor Studies Programmers at Cornell University School of Industrial Labor Relation In 1994”. In 2009, Gary was selected“President and a Labor Association Composed of Local Affiliates of 15 National and International Union”. Gary discusses“Project Labor Agreements” with city organizations and confidential construction firms, particularly "Hudson Yards Labor Disputes", in his capability. Beneath his control, the structure trades have become more and more miscellaneous. He has consulted "PLAs" on the $25 billion value of confidential division structure employment and the $15billion merit of community works.

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