Gary Barnett

Founder, Extell Development

Gary Barnett was born in 1956. He is the president and originator of “ExtellDevelopment Company”, a “Real Estate Development” firm involved in "Residential, Commercial And Hospitality Properties", counting numerous“High-Profile Buildings In Manhattan, New York”. Barnett was born in “GershonSwiatycki” on the inferior “East Side of Manhattan”. His father maintains"That Swiatycki was a “Rabbi and Talmudic Scholar”. He afterwards enthused with “Monsey New York” He conventional his “Bachelor of Arts Degree in Math” from “Queens College "and received a “Master of Economics Degree from Hunter College”. Barnett’s occupation began as a “Diamond Trader in Antwerp, Belgium during the 1980”. In 1994 he connected“Kevin P. Maloney’s” possessions markets collection as a standard and completed his First “New York City Purchase”. The “Belnord Apartment Building” In 1988, he built what would develop into the “W Times Square”. Barnet is a 2011 “AmericanInstitute of Architects Heritage Ball Honoree”. He also received the “AIA New York” chapter award in 2011. He was ranked six on the “Commercial Observer’s” Power100 list in 2011.

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