Douglas Eisenberg

Founding Principal A&E Real Estate Holdings

Douglas Eisenberg is the main founder of "A&E real estate holding" he worked as an investor and developer of the cities based in New York. Douglas Eisenberg joined as the founding principal of "A&E real estate holding, a property investment and management company in New York. It is also one of the largest rental landlords in New York. Douglas Eisenberg completed his undergraduate degree at the University of "Cornell". He also joined "Brooklyn law school" to do a joint degree in graduation. He joined as an editor in "Brooklyn law school" of the law review. Douglas Eisenberg married Wendy Abeles, and she was also a law review editor in the year 2010. In the previous time, Douglas Durst worked as the founding principal of "Urban American management", a real estate company based in New Jersey, the firm recognized by his father, Philip Eisenberg. Douglas Eisenberg owned more than $1 billion in properties in the first five years of the "A&E real estate holding" firm.

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