Douglas Durst

Chairman of the Board at The Durst Organization

Douglas Durst was born on December 19, 1944; as a real estate investor and developer in America. Douglas Durst is the president of "The Durst organization" he engaged himself as the president of the organization in 1992. Douglas Durst studied at "California University" at Barkley to complete his graduation in 1966. Before joining the university, he attended "Fieldstone School" in 1962. Douglas Durst attended "New York University" to do urban studies, and after that, he joined his family business. In May 2010, Douglas Durst was elected as the vice president of the United States; he helped to influence the opening of "Bank of America Tower" officially. Douglas Durst visited the studio of "Ingle" in the year 2010 in February. He was the co-developer with the port authority of New York and New Jersey. In 2019, he held the right to invest $100 million in the "one world trade development" centre. In 2010, Douglas Durst developed and constructed the big opened office in New York.

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