Donald Bren

Donald Leroy Bren is also known as Donald Bren. He is an American businessman and the chairman of "Irvine Company". Donald Bren is the main owner of "Irvine Company", a real estate development company in the United States. The net worth of Donald Bren is $16.2 billion; he ranks 112th number in the billionaire’s list of Forbes 2022. Donald Bren contributed $20 million to "UC Irvine School of law" in 2007; he donated more than $200 million to the public schools in the United States. Donald Bren donated the amounts for education and management purposes to the schools. Donald Bren’s first house was located in "Newport Beach", which he built in 1958 with a $10,000 loan. In 1977, he joined an investment group to purchase "Irvine Company" in 1983, he became the owner of that company, and in 1996, he was elected as the chairman of the board. Donald Bren influenced "Irvine Company" to get more than 120,000,000 ft.² of real estate in southern California.

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