Don Peebles

Owner, The Peebles Corporation

R. Donahue Peebles is also known as Don Peebles, and he is the owner of "Peebles Corporation"; he lives in Miami in, Florida in the United States. Don Peebles was born in Washington on March 2, 1960; he founded the "Peebles Corporation" in 1983. He is also a real estate entrepreneur in America. Don Peebles got many respectable awards for the foundation of “Peebles Corporation” in his career. Don Peebles received the award of “Company of the year” for the “Peebles Corporation” in 2004. At the age of eight, Don Peebles joined the school in Detroit, he stayed there for five years for his education, and after completing his schooling, he returned to Washington. Don Peebles developed the "Royal palm hotel" in Miami Beach in 1996; he also developed the "Bath club", a residential tower, in the same year. Don Peebles was appointed as chairperson of the US board at 24. Don Peebles developed many properties in Miami Beach; he also has some pending projects of development in Boston, Los Angeles and Charlotte.

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