David Michael Solomon

Chairman & CEO at Goldman Sachs

David Michael Solomon was born in 1962 and is an investment banker in America. He is also a Chief Executing Officer of "Goldman Sachs." The respective position has been held by him since October 2018. Solomon is highly engaged in creating Electronic Dance Music (EDM) records in a recreational manner under the head "David Solomon." He has performed at the music festivals and nightclubs around the Bahamas, Miami, and New York. He gained his graduation degree from "Hamilton College" at Clinton in New York, where he received a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Government and Political Science. He has chaired his communal fraternity named “Alpha Delta Phi” and also played on the rugby team during his school days. Payback Records was founded by Solomon in December 2018 in a collaborative partnership with Atlantic Records or Big Beat. The single "Break This Habit" has been released by "Payback" featuring "Kiko Bun" in partnership with "Hardeep Records" my house "DJ Olivier Helden”

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