David Lichtenstein

Chairman and CEO at Lightstone Group

David Lichtenstein was born in 1960 in a Jewish family in New York City in the United States. David Lichtenstein is known as an American billionaire entrepreneur and real estate investor. David Lichtenstein studied at “James Madison high school” and completed his graduation from that university. He spends several years in Kollel and Yeshiva for his studies. The first property David Lichtenstein purchased with approx $12,000 down payment in the middle of 1980. Davis Lichtenstein started his work in a small real estate business firm in the middle of 1980, in 1997; he got the opportunity to join the outside properties of the housing bubble the outside of the United States. In 2003, David Lichtenstein purchased the entire prime retail portfolio with approx $638 million. He invested $300 million in the light stone values, and he invested a large amount in the development of affordable housing. David Lichtenstein invested $8.1 billion to make a "parent company" that is one of the largest hotel brands in the United States.

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