Darcy Stacom

Chairman and Head of New York City Capital Markets at CBRE

Darcy Stacom was born on November 24, 1954. She is known as a real estate developer in New York City in the United States. She lives in New York City with her family. Darcy Stacom is the head and chairman of the NYC capital market group of CBRE. Darcy sitcom studied at “Lehigh University" and completed her graduation degree in real estate development; currently, she is working at CBRE Company as the head employee. Darcy Stacoom has more than forty years in real estate development, and she completed over $145 billion in auction, financing, joint venture, leasehold, and expansion dealings. In the town of Peter Cooper Stuyvesant, she made more than $5.4 billion, and she also engages the GM building stands in the scale of $2.8 billion as the largest in their kind of history. Darcy Stacom manages her leadership in the real estate board of New York City; she joined as the board member of “Schack University" in New York City. Darcy Stacom works as the executive board member in Phipps houses to develop the housing quality.

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