Dan Marks

Power Editor for African Energy Live Data

Dan Marks is the power editor for African Energy Live Data and African Energy. He is highly engaged in covering sub-Saharan Africa with a big focus on renewable energy, off-grid, IPP procurement, market structure issues, and many more. He primarily monitors the essential web development and data collection for Live Data.He obtained a BS in accounting stream from the University of Belhaven, and a master’s in Business Administration from the University of Vanderbilt. He frequently asked to speak digitally or live on the strategy based on data-driven financial services and digital marketing around the globe. He provides an immense level of contribution to various books and articles. The leadership of Dan Marks has been effectively recognized at the Awards of national CMO and the national "Top 100 Marketing Leader." He also attains the potential specialties in data analytics, eCommerce, marketing leadership, social media, and many more. Around 20 years of experience have been gained Dan in terms of offering benefits to the financial service institutions through applying digital and data-driven strategies.

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