Craig Lewis Robins

President and CEO at Dacra Development

Craig Lewis Robins was born on “February 15, 1963) He is an American businessman, investor, and "philanthropist" Mr. Robins is the creator and CEO of the "Dacra Development," the Co-founder and co-owner of "Design Miami," and the developer of "Miami. Design District." Robin was born in a "Jewish family" in "Miami Beach," his father "Gerald Robin" was a winning "Miami Beach Real Estate Developer" who was motivated to "Florida" from "New York City." Mr. Robin was prejudiced by his father, who worked widely in "Miami Beach" and grew up with "Craig" and his three siblings on "Star Island." Robin addressed the "University Of Barcelona in 1982" and credits his moment as a student in "Spain" for exciting his dreams of "Design and Architecture." Studying outside the country in "Barcelona" encouraged Robin’s first sculpture addition, a portion by "Salvador Dali." Robins is regularly scheduled among the crown collector of current "Art and Design."

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