Colleen Wenke

President & Chief Operating Officer at Taconic Partners

16. COLLEEN WENKE Colleen Wenke is the president and chief operating partner at the Taconic office in the New York City of, the United States. Colleen Wenke studied at Boston college from 1997-to 2001, and she studied psychology for four years at the university. She went to New York University in 2005 and studied finance in real estate for two years. Colleen Wenke worked as a project coordinator for two years in 2001, then she started her work as a project manager in 2004, and she worked for three years. In 2001, she achieved the post of vice president, and she continued it for sixteen years. Colleen Wenke was the senior vice president and the head of development and construction for seventeen years; she also worked as a Taconic investment partner and Taconic investment partner for a long time. Colleen Wenke joined Taconic investment partners and worked for around five years with them. Colleen Wenke achieved the post of chief development officer in 2001; she also joined as the president and chief operating officer in 2021.

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