Christopher Schlank

Managing Partner at Savanna Real Estate Fund

Christopher Schlank is the main founder and partner manager of Savana funds; he maintains huge private and public pension funds and foundations. Christopher Schlank is the main initiator of the equity firms in New York. Christopher Schlank studied French and urban studies at the University of Pennsylvania went, Schlanks’s approach differs from some real estate investors in that he prefers a nice guy approach, avoiding court encounters and conquest for pleasant deals with owners. He started work after his graduation as a constructer at the upper west side hotel, and he joined school again and did a master’s from Colombia University. In 1992, Christopher Schlank helped find money from his friends and family, more than $3.2 billion in assets in real estate, to create that management firm in New York City. He was a manager at Westside Federation for senior housing before joining the Savana management that focuses on giving low income-based housing. After leaving the senior housing management, he joined Savana management.

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