Bruce Mosler

Bruce Mosler Chairman, Global Brokerage Chairman,Military and Veteran Programs Licensed Corporate Real Estate Broker Cushman & Wakefield, Inc.

Bruce Mosler is a renowned American economist, entrepreneur, politician, and fund manager born on 18th September 1949. He is the great Founder of Mosler Automotive, the sports car manufacturer in America. Mosler is the research financer and proponent of the monetary theory of post-Keynesian. Franklin University in Switzerland also awarded him a doctorate. He has the experience of working as a visiting professor at Bergamo University, Italy, in 2014. Mosler switched his educational field from engineering to economics by attending the research university in Storrs due to his failing grades. After completing his graduate degree with a mark of 2.5 GPA, he started his work at Manchester’s savings bank in 1973. Before moving to New York City, he also worked in the U.S. capital city. He is the founder of a pooled investment fund named Hedge fund. He worked on several strategies to utilise mortgage securities, government securities, the financial market of the future, and others. He is also famous for the writing of modern monetary theory, which is the economic theory that describes the fiat money creation process and how it is used in the modern economy.

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