Bob Faith

Chairman, CEO and Founder, Greystar Real Estate Partners.

Bob Faith, also known as Robert Alan Faith, is an American businessman. He was born in 1963. Bob Faith is the chairman, chief executive officer, and founder of "Greystar real estate partners." Bob Faith lives with his family in Charleston, South Carolina. Bob Faith did his graduation from “Oklahoma University," passed with a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering, and he joined “Harvard University” in 1986 to study MBA in petroleum engineering. Bob Faith started his work at the real estate development firm "Trammel Crow Company". After that, he started his work as co-founder at "Starwood capital group" with Barry Sternlicht in 1991. Bob Faith made his career as the founder of Greystar in Huston in 1993; he worked as secretary of commerce in Southern California from 2002 to 2006. Bob Faith was the co-founder of the "Homage hospitality" in 1996, and he joined as a developer and former of “Trammel Crow Company” in the same year. He also joined the headquarters in Charleston in South Carolina in 1998.

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