Andrew Mathias

President of SL Green Realty Corp

The professional baseball infielder Mark Andrew Mathias was born in the year 1994 in America with great determination. He is an iconic example of a creative person with special interest in baseball infielder and acting. Andrew Mathias completed his education at Irvington High School in California. He also attended the Polytechnic State University of California. He played for the Collegiate National Team, which is the baseball team of the United States. Mathias also played for the collegiate summer team baseball in 2015 with a great score. In 2018 and 2018, he spent in Akron and participated in 35 games in 2017. He also has a great experience being a part of an international baseball team like the Columbus Clippers in 2019. He was traded to the American professional baseball team in exchange in November 2019. Andrew Mathias is famous for being the largest office landlord and the leading investor in the real estate sector.

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